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Hello all hedgehog lovers! It’s such a good feeling being able to finally have some free time to write and maintain this website. It’s been a while since me and my girlfriend wanted to do this. I hope you will all join us on this amazing journey, talk with us, hang our, shop and laugh at our clumsy hedgehogs.


So after a year of me and my girlfriend (Lana) dating, we’ve decided to move in and live together. Before this, we were only seeing each other only few times per month and i gotta say, it sucked! Lana was living around 4 hours long ride away from my city and i didn’t have a driving licence back then. Since i was working a full time as Java programmer back then it was a logical move for Lana to move in into my place. So she did it. It wasn’t easy for her. She had to leave family behind in order to come and live with me and my parents. Long story short, after a while she saw some cute hedgehogs online and told me that she wants to have one. Since we are living in a small country it wasn’t that easy to get one. But after a while we found a legitimate breeder who was willing to send us a baby hedgehog, so he did it. He sent us a Buddy. I won’t talk about the huge amount of happiness that Buddy brought into our lives, i believe Lana will write in the future about that, but i just wanted to tell you guys how did we get our adorable Buddy. 


Needless to say, i loved Buddy since the very beginning but for some stupid and very annoying reason, even after two years i still have a fear of holding Buddy in my hands comfortably. I wish i could’ve explain how many time I’ve wanted to cuddle with him and play, even chill while working or maybe take him outside to take some cool pictures together, but i just couldn’t overcome the fear. So, after some time, it started to feel like i am not doing enough for my most favorite pet I’ve had in my life. I’ve tried to find some tools and ways to build him a modern and cool house since i hate having animals in cages. It kinda sounds brutal to me. Unfortunately i wasn’t very handy with that and we’ve decided to leave that task for someone more professional. It made me feel sad… Then one day i saw a girl in hedgehog socks and it just came to my mind. Come on dude, you are a programmer, make Buddy his own website and Instagram profile, everyone should see how adorable he is! And of course, instantly I’ve become so hyped about it that i couldn’t stop thinking about it. So after a while i did it. It wasn’t something but it was Buddy’s own website and shop! 


After a month, so many people started visiting our website and even buying products that i just couldn’t make it to fulfill all the tasks by myself. So, because of that, we’ve paused a website for over a year. Today i am proud to announce that we are back full time and that now i have some more time since I’ve decided to get into freelancing and have more freedom than i used to have before. I am really happy to have website back online and i really hope we will get some feedback from our visitors and loyal customers about our look and design since this is the first time that me and Lana are doing something like this. 


We want to thank everyone who kept following our Instagram profile and few people who stayed in our Facebook community. I hope that we will successfully increase this whole community in the future and share all the joy of adorable hedgehogs! Don’t forget to follow us and send us pictures of your clumsy, angry and adorable hedgehogs, we will be more than happy to share them with everyone. Cheers!